Retreat Nonduality (engels)

This retreat is given in English.

Rose Roes is giving a retreat about NonDuality. There will be three meetings per day.Everything what is happening is an appearance. ‘Me’ is an illusion and together with that the belief in free will and choice. Coming to this retreat will not help. There is no development, there is no hope. It is the fear of losing everything and in the same time the longing for this. Everything is already complete and free as it is. This cannot be understood. It does not need to, that is the beauty.

About Rose

Rose(marijn) Roes is the writer of the book ‘Wondrously free’ and ‘Wonderlijk vrij’. This book was written some year after everything was lost. It was so obvious that there never has been a ‘me’. She is giving zoom meetings, has a website (  and a youtubechannel. There are live meetings in Holland and abroad.

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